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dhclient or dhcpcd for debian-installer?

I've had some excitement choosing a chcp client for debian-installer, and it
looks like we may have been pushed to once choice, dhclient.

pump(22k) - no one has said anything nice about it, and some have strongly
recommended that it not be used.

bootp - has only rudementary dhcp support, should not be used

dhcpcd(10k) - is riddled with bugs and the security team has asked that it be
removed from Debian.

dhclient(38k) - I haven't heard anything bad about it, only problem is it is
rather large.

I have an untested udeb of dhclient.  As you can see it is about 4 times as
large as dhcpcd.  Does anyone feel that we should try to keep dhcpcd? I haven't
investigated exactly why the security team wants it removed, but my inclination
is to trust their judgement.  

My current plan is to modify netcfg-dhcp to work with dhclient, and get my
dhclient-udeb patch in the BTS.

Suggestions, opinions, thoughts?


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From: Dpk <dpk@egr.msu.edu>
Subject: Re: Bug#79851: [fw: Re: Bug#79851: new patch adding proper build depends for udeb]
To: David Whedon <dwhedon@gordian.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:40:26 -0500

On Fri, Jan 12, 2001 at 07:34:08AM -0800, David Whedon wrote:

   I noticed I should have cc'ed the BTS on this one. The dhcp version
   of debian-installer still needs this patch. I did look again at
   dhclient and it is huge, so dhcpcd looks like the way to go.
The security team requested it be removed from Debian as well and with
so many bugs within my package and the upstream itself... I didn't
have much of an argument.  I think the pump arguments were valid at
some point, but I haven't seen it in the potato version (actually
caused me to switch).

Sorry about this.  If we want to write up something together possibly
to justify its existence, I can start from scratch with the lastest
upstream, adding the udeb stuff.

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   From: David Whedon <dwhedon@gordian.com>
   Subject: Re: Bug#79851: new patch adding proper build depends for udeb
   To: Dpk <dpk@egr.msu.edu>
   Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 09:35:25 -0800
   > dhcpcd seams to be ridden with bugs, even the latest upstream sources
   > have many problems with them.  pump/dhcp-client seem to be much better
   > alternatives... should we try using them for the installation/udebs?
   This is a tough one:
   pump: a number of people have expressed that they don't like pump,
   that it isn't rfc compliant in all cases.  I made a udeb out of
   pump anyway in case we end up wanting to use it.  boot-floppies
   used it, so it couldn't be that bad.
   dhcp-client: was much larger (ten times when I first looked, though
   it is possible there are features I could disable) than pump or
   dhcpcd: now I hear that the maintainer views it as buggy. :-(
   I'll look more carefully at dhcp-client, as I haven't heard
   anything bad about it yet.
   > If so I can upload your patched version shortly.

   That would be great, as the current revision of the
   debian-installer uses dhcpcd.

   > I might request for its removal, or put it up for adoption if people
   > still think it is needed.   Please let me know.
   At this point I think it is useful (I use it), for what that is
   worth.  If I can get dhcp-client smaller (or if I just remember the
   size incorrectly) then we may go with that, I'll let you know.
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