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Bug#80325: Installer misreports partition numbers

damnit, ive stuffed up, for the 2.2.x kernels extended partitions
(msdos, bsd, solaris) are shown as they are discovered irrespective of
there type, but for 2.4.x kernels msdos style kernels are always shown
first followed by whichever has the lowest primary partition number.

So basicaly as libfdisk isnt mainly going to used for 2.2.x my patch
will provide incorrect behaviour.

Rather than just reversing it, it would be best if i tested for versions
prior to setting the order, incase we do want to use 2.4.x

For reference in the 2.2.18 source code look at drivers/block/genhd.c
from line 650
In the 2.4.0 code look in fs/partitions/msdos.c from line 440

Sorry about that.


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