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Bug#80325: Installer misreports partition numbers

Attached is a patch that changes libfdisk's behaviour.

Currently libfdisk adds extended partitions as they are found.

e.g. if hda1 contains an extended partition, be that a normal exteneded
partition a BSD partition or a SOLARIS extended partition then whatever
type it is it will appear before hda2's extended partition.

Accordign to previous info from this bug linux reports regular (msdos
style) extended partitions prior to BSD slices.

This patch changes the order of partitions to

<primary partitions><MSDOS style extended partition><BSD slices extended
partitions><solaris extended partition>

I am unsure about the priority with solaris partitions so i just put
them at the end, i guess i really should have checked the linux kernel
source, as i dont have any other info on them handy.

Adam, I can commit this patch if it looks ok to you.

Still kernels should have BSD disklable support as well i think


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