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Bug#80325: Installer misreports partition numbers

Hi, ...
one moment - please. 
What I am trying to say is the following:

One of the first screens presents me a selection for my swap partition.

It supposes: /dev/hda15
but: as there is no /dev/hda15, it fails... (and this was the last warning)

You select "partition hardisk" for inspection and get the view expected. (see that fdisk -l prev. posting)

You now want to install debian lets say onto the first logical ext2-partition: (thats /dev/hda5 as seen by fdisk)
from the "initialize a partition" you will select 
(Just recall)
// begin second line of libfdisk# ./testing
// /dev/hda1 (DOS 16-bit FAT >=32M), /dev/hda2 (BSD/386), /dev/hda5 (4.2BSD), /dev/hda6 (BSD swap), >/dev/hda7 (4.2BSD), /dev/hda8
// (4.2BSD), /dev/hda3 (Unknown), /dev/hda4 (DOS Extended), /dev/hda9 (Linux
// >native), /dev/hda10 (Unknown), /dev/hda11 (Linux native), /dev/hda12 (Linux native), /dev/hda13 (Linux
// end second line libfdisk# ./testing
...-> /dev/hda9!
(You _might_ assume:
 1 FAT
 1 BSD part.
 4 BSD slices
 1 Ext2
 1 Extended
 ( first logical following now...)
 8 -> ok -> Number 9 next, and this _is_ in _both_ cases/views an ext2 partition _and_ it exists.

It then will be mounted on /target - I mean _that_ /dev/hda9, that mount mounts if you would supply it per hand.
(I mean that device name seen by linux in general by would mkswap, will mkfs, and ... will mount, ...)
I mean the _8G_ one and not the _2G_ one. So: you know which one I mean.
And as it exists this will _not_ "fail" like the mkswap call. :-)

Thats the point.

And all this disappears if you change the BSD partition for installing to something like "Golden Bow", as mentioned more early.

BTW: I dont have any problem with that - really not. This is excellent but free-of-charge/volunteer software. 
I have never before submitted any bug reports but I think you should know that one.
As I have read somewhere that this is more required than writing software. I did it as student, do it at work, ..
Adam, Glenn, I will boot a kernel-image-2.2.18pre21 and do a 'cat /proc/partitions'. 
But if you know somebody having more time than me (working hard/married/...) 
If not: I wont give up. Will look at every source file required, author, year, ... _if_ and only _if_ you want me to and have time enough.

But please: lets first fix "description of the problem"...
And: I did never submit any bug report before/dont know much about your netiquette... please help me, if you think, help is required.


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