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Bug#81029: Documentation (install.en.txt)

Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> writes:

> === 1. Pointer in boot screen ===
> "/doc/install.en.txt" is the first authorative document all new 
> debian user should encounter and read. Thus few additions to the 
> document as follows and pointer to this document in boot screen 
> may help dummies like me.

I agree but it's not so easy.  How, exactly, do we make a pointer to a
text file which is in a different place depending on whether the user
is installing from CD-ROM or floppies, for instance.

> Through there seem no Debian policy nor standard on how to configure
> mouse with gpm and X, slightly more detailed information and/or
> appropriate pointer in install.en.txt may reduce one of the most 
> asked FAQ in debian-user mailing list.  My suggestion is:

A good point, I'll add this in some form.

> === 3. Debian specific ways ===
> Please supplement section 8.2 with more detailed documents such as 
> one which one of the boot-floppies maintainer posted on the mailing 
> list as an attachment "Sysadmin Hints on Debian Linux".
>   15 Dec 2000 15:57:31 -0500
>   Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>

Very flattering, but is it really going to be helpful for people?  I

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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