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Bug#81029: Documentation (install.en.txt)

Package: boot-floppies
Severity: whishlist

3 wishes relating to install.en.txt:

=== 1. Pointer in boot screen ===
"/doc/install.en.txt" is the first authorative document all new 
debian user should encounter and read. Thus few additions to the 
document as follows and pointer to this document in boot screen 
may help dummies like me.

Also make sure all text in first blue boot screen fits in the VGA 
screen. Currently last 1 line needs scrolling.  Introduction of 
second blue page with above information and web site information 
may be the way to do it. Most dummies just hit RETURN before 
scrolling page.

=== 2. Mouse config ===
Through there seem no Debian policy nor standard on how to configure
mouse with gpm and X, slightly more detailed information and/or
appropriate pointer in install.en.txt may reduce one of the most 
asked FAQ in debian-user mailing list.  My suggestion is:

---snip ---- insert this somewhere near Section 10.2 --

The mouse can be used by both in Linux console (gpm) and X window.
Preferred configuration / signal flow shall be as follows.

mouse => /dev/psaux  => gpm => /dev/gpmdata -> /dev/mouse => X 
         /dev/ttyS0             (repeater)        (symlink)

Current debian default sets repeater protocol of gpm to be ms3 
in /etc/gpm.conf which matches with intellimouse for X in
/etc/X11/XF86Config.  Alternative method is to set repeater protocol 
to be raw while setting X to the original mouse protocol.

This approach to use gpm even in X has advantages when mouse is 
unplugged inadvently.  Simply restarting gpm with

    # /etc/init.d/gpm restart

will fix the problem without restarting X. 

If gpm is disabled or not installed with some reason, make sure to
set X to read directly from mouse device such as /dev/psaux.

For details, refer to 3button mouse mini-Howto.
---- End of example ---

This is desirable because many documents/distribution differ 
in how.  Also this problem is enhanced, because depending on 
installation path, X may be installed before gpm (may have been 
fixed by now in task-list.)

I think clearly stating preferred method as above reduces confusion.  
Some documents such as http://www.newriders.com/debian/html/noframes/
suggests X to read directly from ports such as /dev/psaux without
mentioning gpm configuration and confusing.

If above described method is not optimal, that is fine with me.  But
should mention the optimal method in this document.

=== 3. Debian specific ways ===
Please supplement section 8.2 with more detailed documents such as 
one which one of the boot-floppies maintainer posted on the mailing 
list as an attachment "Sysadmin Hints on Debian Linux".
  15 Dec 2000 15:57:31 -0500
  Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>

If this is too long to include, create a separate document and give 
pointer to the relevant document is nice.  (This may have been done
in CVS by now...  If so, I am happy.)


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