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ReiserFS boot floppies for Potato

In part spurred by the Debian-Reiser disks found at
and in part by the fact that RedHat, SuSE, and Mandrake all have
ReiserFS install media,

I have hacked away at dbootstrap, libfdisk, and the top level
boot-floppies Makefile to create a high-quality debian+reiser install

I included grub (though not in the menuing system), and base2_2.tgz
includes grub and reiserfsprogs. the ``official'' base2_2.tgz (as found on
ftp.debian.org) does work fine, however.

these disks are still at what i would consider alpha. i have not tested
the PCMCIA portions. (i will be doing that later this week).

the disks are available at:

i have not written up any HTML documentation yet.

please feel free to try, and comment.

i am not an official debian maintainer, i do not speak for any
maintainer, and any bugs found in my disks i will claim as my own. even
if it is in a portion i did not modify.

patches will be available shortly.


applogies to Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@debian.org>, the official grub
maintainer. i had to change some of the source code in the grub-install
script to get around some busybox's shortcomings. bug reports against
busybox will be forthcoming.

John H. Robinson, IV          jhriv@ucsd.edu                 www.  ((((
                                                             nyx. ( )(:[
WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above,         org/  ((((
as apparently my cats have learned how to type.              spiders.htm

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