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Re: Installation problem

"Kenneth G. Kastella" wrote:
> I am trying to install Debian Linux on an old 33 MHz, 486 Gateway,
> 16 MB RAM, ATAPI cd-rom.  I got Linux version 2.2 on 3 cd-roms
> from Linux Central.  I copied rescue.bin, root.bin, driver-1.bin, driver-
> 2.bin, driver-3.bin and driver-4.bin to 5 1/4" floppies.  I inserted
> rescue.bin into the floppy drive and everything seems to go fine and
> then I get the following:
>         VFS: Insert root floppy disk to be loaded into RAM disk and
>         press ENTER

At this point you have to change disk and put the root disk in, then you
can continue.

You boot from the rescue disk, then continue with the root disk


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