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Re: Debian CDs

"Holp, John Mr." <holpj@nwc.navy.mil> writes:

> 	I received the 3 CDs for "official" Debian 2.2.17 last Friday 5
> January 2001.  For the past day or two I have been trying to install Debian
> but am not able to effect the installation.
> 	I get all the way through to where I would like to Make Linux
> Bootable Directly From Hard Disk but it will not complete the task.
> 	I take the default /dev/hda : Install Lilo in the MBR (use this if
> unsure)
> 	The message is LILO wasn't able to install.
> 	Most common reason kernel trying to reside higher than 1023rd
> cylinder.
> 	I have taken all of the defaults with nothing fancy at all on a
> machine dedicated to only this distribution of Debian

Try running lilo in tty2.  To see the exactly cmdline being run, you
can boot with the "debug" arg and try the "make bootable" step with
the same cmdline, which will be printed in tty3 during debug mode.

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