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Winmodem boot disk tester

As a short term measure, I've modified slightly and tested the current
rescue boot disk with kernel-2.4.0, to serve for 
    insmod /mnt/ltmodem.o
driver insertion, whose success is a 1st indicator that the modem
hardware is compatible with the ltmodem.o, before a User should download
all sources & etc. needed for his own compiles.

What's the command to write the whole tested floppy back into a 
"rescue240.bin" , which will serve in conjunction with root floppy?



I'm interested in this too, to the extent that I'd like debian-installer
debian install system that is going to replace boot-floppies, but may
actually be out for a while) to support ppp, and modems, and ideally
also auto
detect hardware.  What you are asking for would be a large component of
Once debian-installer is more or less complete making a specific rescue
disk for
your purpose would not be complicated, and we get the bonus of having
who is happy to maintain our modem support :-) .  I can't say when
debian-installer will be ready for what you ask, other than, fairly
depending on a variety of factors.


Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 05:20:14PM +0000 wrote:
> Developers,
>    This is a request for some startup assistance.  You can read the
> horror stories a few of us are trying to deal with at:
> Linmodem-HOWTO http://walbran.org/sean/linux/linmodem-howto-all.html
> or the archives:
> http://linmodems.org/cgi-bin/ezmlm-cgi/1
> Basically most of the new laptops/desktops are coming with cheapie
> WinModems whose chipsets are hard to identify, and then probably do not
> have Linux support.  It would be very useful to have a Debian style
> Rescue Disk just to run tests on such modem hardware. Thus Linux folk
> might be able to determine whether their IntendedNewBoxPC/Laptop has a
> chance of supporting Dialup under Linux.

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