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Re: serial install

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 02:11:42PM +0100, Arthur Korn wrote:
:Hi Rob
:Rob schrieb:
:> I would like to be able to do installs on machines
:> that have no monitor, only terminals connected through
:> the serial port.
:I did an install over serial console on a Sun Sparcstation 20,
:using a postato RC 3 (about in august I think) tftp kernel. It
:worked perfectly fine. Maybe there is a different kernel in the
:tftpboot-image than on the 1.44-images.

It's probably safe to assume x86 arch if not explicitly mentioned,
which complicates matters for a serial install as there's no BIOS level
access via a serial connection.

I don't know if serial console is enabled on the boot kernel. It isn't
in the default runtime kernel for x86 though, often wondered about


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