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Re: serial install

Hi Rob

Rob schrieb:
> I would like to be able to do installs on machines
> that have no monitor, only terminals connected through
> the serial port.

I did an install over serial console on a Sun Sparcstation 20,
using a postato RC 3 (about in august I think) tftp kernel. It
worked perfectly fine. Maybe there is a different kernel in the
tftpboot-image than on the 1.44-images.

> Does the kernel on the rescue disk have CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE
> compiled in? I tried booting a disk won a server ith my laptop running
> a terminal emulator plugged into it, but I didn't get any
> output.. the server later worked fine when I made a custom
> kernel with this option compiled in.

Did you get output from the PROM? (or whatever your architecture
uses ... you should really tell us what kind of machine you are
talking about).

Are you shure you used the images for the right kind of machine?

ciao, 2ri
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