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Re: Thoughts on the installer (early)

> Perhaps moving the fb-based frontend bogl you speak of to gtk-fb 
> is the answer we're looking for?  That'll give us access to all the
> features of gtk, which IMHO would be a boon for the UI.

First I want to reiterate someone else's comment -- having a GUI (in the
sense you seem to be thinking) doesn't necessarily increase usability.
Usability comes from a design that allows the user to do what s/he wants
intuitively, not from a pretty look-and-feel.

I'm not sure I understand why using gtk-fb, etc helps over using
something like bogl. Two of the design constraints/goals for the installer 
are size and simplicity. What kind of overhead will gtk-fb add? We already 
have slang-based and bogl(fb)-based UIs in the works.

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