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Re: Reiserfs boot floppies for Debian?

On Mon Jan 01, 2001 at 12:50:52PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > But just because lilo and grub handle large hard drives doesn't mean that a
> > separate /boot partition has no place in the world.  For example, on my
> > NetWinder, /boot is a small partition formatted to use old 2.0.x compatible
> > ext2 options (since that is all that the Linux 2.0.x based netwinder firmware
> > can read).  root ("/") lives on /dev/hda2, which is formatted to use all the
> > nifty things ext2 can do these days, ensuring I get the most out of my warrenty
> > voiding 20Gig drive,
> Ok.  But there is no connection with use of RAID or reiserfs ?  Or is
> there?

Hmm.  Well, reiserfs by befault has tails turned on, wereby it stuffs the last
parts of a number of files together into a single block, thereby saving
diskspace.  You have to carefully remount with "notail" when compiling a kernel
if you want lilo to be able to read the kernel and boot.  Using a /boot
partition that is reiserfs, but always mounted with the "notail" option (or
compiled with something other then reiserfs) makes life a lot better.

If the raid filesystem if software raid (which lilo and grub etc are unlikely
to be able to read), then having a /boot partition could also be useful.


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