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Re: Reiserfs boot floppies for Debian?

On Mon Jan 01, 2001 at 04:18:15AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > 
> >  I mounted the 127Mb partition as /, and the 64Mb one as /boot.
> I don't understand the rationale for installing a partition as /boot.
> I always thought /boot had to be on the root partition?  Isn't that
> true, since it has the kernel?

/boot does not need to be on the root partition.  It just has to be somewhere
that the bootloader can read from it.  

In the old days, before lilo and grub could handle large hard drives, it was
recommended that /dev/hda1 always be a small /boot partition, which would be
where you installed your kernels.  This ensured that the kernel lived below
cylindar 1024, ensuring that the bootloader could read it.  

But just because lilo and grub handle large hard drives doesn't mean that a
separate /boot partition has no place in the world.  For example, on my
NetWinder, /boot is a small partition formatted to use old 2.0.x compatible
ext2 options (since that is all that the Linux 2.0.x based netwinder firmware
can read).  root ("/") lives on /dev/hda2, which is formatted to use all the
nifty things ext2 can do these days, ensuring I get the most out of my warrenty
voiding 20Gig drive,


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