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Bug#79890: ["Magnus Pettersson" <magnus@easyliving.com>] Re: Bug#79890: Package boot-floppies fails to install om Compaq Smart Raid

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> > Package: boot-floppies
> > Version: 2.2.17 (potato2.2-2)
> >
> > I tried to install Potato 2.2R2 on a Compaq 6400 server with 2 Compaw
> > Raid controllers, one integrated (221) and one externel (4200).
> >
> > Problem:
> > History:On potato2.2R0 the installation broke when adding a second
> > controller, and the system was only able to install on one of the
> > controllers. (this of course using the 2nd CD with the 'compact' kernel.
> > since CD1 doesn't recognize the Compaq SMART arraycontroller (as it
> > should)).
> > However on Potato 2.2R2 it breaks completely, Finding all SMART
> > but failing to create ANY dev files for them (/dev/ida/cXd0...), and of
> > course therefor not being able to install on any drive.
> >
> > Solution:
> > I believe the error lies in the number of /dev-files the system is able
> > create during installation (due to limits of the ramdisk?), since I was
> > to custom-build a potato2.2R2 CD from my local mirror editing rescue.sh
> > (boot-floppies) and change the code, so that  MAKEDEV did not create all
> > the /dev-files it normally does (I made it only create the /dev-files I
> > needed to install). When I booted that custom-made CD, all /dev-files
> > both of the SMART controllers was created, and I was able to install on
> > SMART arraycontrollers.
> Exactly which files in /dev are not there that should be there?

there are NO /dev/ida/*-files at all, ( I think there was no /dev/ida
directory either, but I am not sure)
(there may be other files missing as well)

> On i386, I'm pretty sure, adding some more files in /dev is not a big
> problem, but we do try to keep it under control.
The only thing I changed in the boot-floppies package was that I minimised
the creation of /dev-files (there are a huge number of /dev-files created
That points towards that there may be a space-issue when installing.

> > Note:
> > When making the changes to rescue.sh,
> Um, wouldn't it be a patch to rootdisk.sh ?

I believe I changed both rootdisk.sh and resue.sh, not sure wich of them
making the /dev-files for the installprogram.

> > fixes that CRITICAL bug, there is a
> > minor bug also, when under the installation, you are asked to 'make
> > bootable direct from hard-disk':
> > Problem2:
> FYI, it's better to keep it to one problem per bug report.
Got you :)

> > I had installed my system with root on /dev/ida/c1d0p1 and wanted to
> > an MBR on /dev/ida/c1d0 and the installation only allowed me to install
> > MBR on /dev/ida/c0d0 OR /dev/ida/c1d0p1, both of course wrong.
> Ouch.  This is another bug in libfdisk I think.  I'm not really
> skilled to fix this.  Can anyone try to fix it and send a patch to
> this bug report ?
Magnus Pettersson

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