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cdebconf problems

I'm working on a new demo system.

Three problems with cdebconf:

1. It's been stuck in incoming all week. Why?
2. Look at this pretty failure mode. Looks like it
   doesn't work if not run in / -- should be easy to fix of course.
    # pwd
    # /usr/share/debconf/frontend wget-retriever
    Cannot load database module ./usr/lib/cdebconf/db/textdb.so: @H
    r@L÷ÿ¿a: cannot oshared object file: No such file or directory at database.c line 179
3. I'd like to start making packages that link to cdebconf build-depend on
   cdebconf-dev, but this is not possible because that depends on cdebconf,
   and cdebconf has an (undeclared) conflicts with debconf-utils:
    dpkg: error processing cdebconf_0.10-1_i386.deb (--install):
    trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/debconf-loadtemplate', which is also in package debconf-utils
   We really need a seperate libcdebconf package.

see shy jo

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