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Re: Install Problem

"Shawn Bailey" <sbailey@nacs.net> writes:
> When I hit enter or the F6 key I get the following message "boot
> failed: please change disks and press a key to continue".  If I hit
> a key the system boots back to the menu and the whole thing starts
> over again.  Any help would be appreciated, I am trying to install
> the i386 version on 1.44m diskettes.

Shawn, are you sure the diskette you are using is working properly?

The most common cause of that message is a disk read error (in fact, I
think it's the only way to cause that error at that stage).

Maybe the diskette is corrupt in a way that neither `f6.txt' nor the
kernel image (`linux') can be safely read.

Could you try with other diskette, and make sure that the floppy drive
is working properly?


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