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Reiserfs boot floppies for Debian?

Re: Debian Floppies/ReiserFS

 Do you have a set of install floppies I can download and have a look
 at?  What was involved in creating them?

 I built a box today with Reiserfs...  Here's how.

 It's going to be my workstation at my new job.  Starting with a
 potato CD, I partitioned the hard drive with a 64Mb /root in hda1, 2
 127 Mb partitions, and another filling the rest of the drive.  One of
 the 127Mb partitions I marked as swap, the other as Linux, and the
 large partition is Linux.

 I mounted the 127Mb partition as /, and the 64Mb one as /boot.  Both,
 of course, are ext2fs.  I installed a very minimal potato, got the
 network running, did a dist-upgrade to woody, then installed
 mkreiserfs and devfsd with apt-get.  I then telnetted to a workmate's
 box (running Suse), where he'd made an account for me to use.  I
 downloaded the linux-2.4.0-test9 source from ftp.kernel.org, along
 with the matching reiserfs patch from ftp.debian.org.  I patched,
 ... , and finally ftp'd the kernel and modules to the new box, set it
 up, and rebooted.

 Then, it was a simple matter of formatting the filesystem with
 mkreiserfs and using cp -a and mkdir to set it up.  I fixed up
 /etc/fstab and lilo.conf, ran lilo, then rebooted.  Now I have Debian
 Woody with a reiserfs /.  I hope that dpkg performance is improved by

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