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Re: Some thoughts on a new installer

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> I think one of the design goals is that for the installed system, all
> files (excepting some config files and such) on the new system, at
> almost every point, are out of proper packages.  The .udeb stuff is
> strictly (am I wrong?) for helping getting the installation media,
> target media, and all those installation things handled. Its not stuff
> that would be hanging around on your new system.
> Christoph, as I read your plan, it's more about tricking the newly
> installed system about some things being installed which aren't fully
> installed, etc etc.  Taht is a world of pain and hurt and should be
> avoided.  Even the "classic" boot-floppies engages in this a bit and
> it's a design flaw of the system (bug 3905 from IWJ).

You're right Adam, and you said it better than I could.

see shy jo

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