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Re: Some thoughts on a new installer

Christoph Lameter <christoph@lameter.com> writes:

> > > 4. The current boot-system can be simplified and used for two
> > > purposes. The initial boot system as well as for a base for the future
> > > installation.

> On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Joey Hess wrote:
> > Again I think that's disgusting. I don't want *my* systems to rest on
> > such a shaky foundation. I want every file and directory in them to be
> > registered with dpkg and part of "real" Debian from the beginning.
> There is nothing hindering you to register the installation system as dpkg
> files. Does the .udeb scheme not include a registry for installed
> files? The initial dpkg installation could include a initial database of
> the files contained in the installation system for example.

I think one of the design goals is that for the installed system, all
files (excepting some config files and such) on the new system, at
almost every point, are out of proper packages.  The .udeb stuff is
strictly (am I wrong?) for helping getting the installation media,
target media, and all those installation things handled. Its not stuff
that would be hanging around on your new system.

Christoph, as I read your plan, it's more about tricking the newly
installed system about some things being installed which aren't fully
installed, etc etc.  Taht is a world of pain and hurt and should be
avoided.  Even the "classic" boot-floppies engages in this a bit and
it's a design flaw of the system (bug 3905 from IWJ).

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