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Debian Bug


I ´ve Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 Potato y I´v tried to install it... Every time at the begining of the instalation, when the kernel is bootong, the process hangued up due to an error:

[Kernel Booting]
(scsi0) <Adaptec AIC-7850 SCSI Host adapter> found at PCI 0/10/0
(scsi0) Narrow Channel, SCSI ID=7, 3/255 SCBs
(scsi0) Downloading sequencer code... 415 instructions downloaded
scsi: <fdomain> Detection failed (no card)
NCR53c406a: no available ports founds
Sym 53c416.c: Version 1.0.0
Failed Initialization od WD-7000 Scsi Card!
IBM MCA SCSI: No microchannel-bus support present -> Aborting
megaraid: v107 (December 22, 1999)

The only way to make the process continue it´s take off the SCSI card from the Slot...

	I have a:
	AMD K6-2 350 Mhz
	128 MB AM
	8 GB HD
	Adaptec AIC-7850 SCSI Card PCI
	Sound Blaster Live! PCI
	Winfast S320 16 MB AGP
	TV Capture 98 PCI

	Thats all.

    | Jesús G.T.  |  -> jgt@linuxfan.com  / xuxo@madrid.com / xuxo@bigfoot.com

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