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Re: hardware detection using libpci

David Whedon wrote:
> > Splitting detection up like this seems to me to be the most space
> > efficient way of doing it as well.
> agreed.
> >
> > Yesterday i started hacking together a small program that uses libpci to
> > detect the required ethernet kernel modules, it is attached.
> I spent some time on a similar program that uses lib detect It can be
> found at (still alpha, meant to generate discussion):
> http://www.gordian.com/users/davidw/debian.html
> I'm not trying to compete here, just presenting what I have:

Ive committed my pcidetect (for lack of a better name) program to
debians cvs under /debian/installer/tools/pcidetect

To avoid duplicating our work we should come to some sort of agreement
about which is the best path to take. There is enough of pcidetect there
to see how it works, although i didnt pay much attention to how it
presents its info, it should really log it to a file.


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