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Re: hardware detection using libpci

> > and left out the card names :-) )
> Can libdetect actually work with just pci id numbers, not names?
yea, we'd have to put in a placeholeder ("unknown") so any output
messages wouldn't have problems, but looking through libdetect (or at
least the parts I'm using) all it really needs it the id's.  I look
into making a build option.

> > From the three modules i looked at there appears to be a few pci ids
> > that arent in libdetects list, so maybe a kernel module based list would
> > be more complete.
> Yes, if at all possible we really need to grub this list of of the
> kernel so you don't have to keep maintaining it.
Are you talking about :

I'm not sure where the mapping between module and device is in the
kernel source, anybody?  If there is a ready list already in the
kernel source (other than looking at each module's source
individually), then we should have that as our reference.  If it
isn't, then maybe the *.lst file that come with libdetect should be
our source.


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