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Debian Boot CVS: aph

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-boot
Module name:	debian-installer
Changes by:	aph	00/11/13 17:13:39

Added files:
	tools/pcidetect: Makefile build-stamp configure-stamp lst_net.h 
	                 lst_net_1000.h lst_net_10_100.h 
	                 lst_net_arcnet.h lst_net_other.h 
	                 lst_net_tokenring.h lst_net_wan.h 
	                 lst_net_wlan.h pcidetect.c 
	tools/pcidetect/debian: README.Debian changelog control 
	                        copyright dirs files pcidetect.1 
	                        postinst postinst.debhelper postrm 
	                        preinst prerm prerm.debhelper rules 

Log message:
pci detect uses libpci to determine which kernel modules are required to support local hardware, only supports network devices so far

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