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Re: Problem : No Hard Disk found

Claudio Gamberini wrote:
> hi, I'm Claudio from Italy,
> I have as problem for installing Linux, the boot don't found hard disk,
> my hard disk is an EIDE IBM 30 Gb ATA100.
> Also the Bios don't found it but windows run correctly.
> How i have to do for installing Linux in the system ( found the HD) ??
> My system is an AMD Thunderbird 1 Ghz, MB Asus A7K, 128 MB PC 133, Matrox
> G400 32 MB, cr-writer HP 9300, DVD Pioneer.
> Thanks !

Probably because the kernel doesnt support ATA100, if you plug your hdd
into a slower (UDMA33/UDMA66) IDE channel (if you have one on your m.b.)
then it will be detected.


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