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Re: hardware detection using libpci

Robert Young wrote:
> Hi,
>         Corel has created a modular detection system which detects
> system
> hardware by probing what the kernel has found and by looking for
> hardware itself. We are in the finishing stage and will be releasing it
> to the open source community shortly.
>         In the meantime, please read the attached document for more
> information.
> Thanks
> Robert S. Young
>    /etc/devices/det_util/  Scripts for detecting the hardware
>    Det_util
>    This is a collection of shell and Perl scripts that detect
>    hardware.

Thanks for the info, it looks good, also ive just learnt of progeny's
detection program called discover which is at
archive.progeny.com/progeny/base (the dir might be wrong) from a quick
glance its based on libdetect.

Your program looks like it could be very handy post install, but if it
depends on perl then its going to have too many overheads for the boot

Im just trying to get a very small program that identifies required
kernel modules, what i have is about 20KB, but it will get bigger as i
put more modules in.

I do look forward to trying your program though.



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