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Re: Monitor autodetection


On Friday 03 November 2000 03:17, you wrote:
> Assuming you mean DDC for getting monitor frequencies and such, X4
> already does this automatically. If not there are apps out there like
> read-edid that can do this in user-space. Combined with things like
> anXious (or Progeny's dexter) this makes things quite easy.

Sounds good. I didn't know about those tools before, but I think the 
detection is something we should do at one of the first things during the 

* On a really good installation I will be able to choose the resolution of my 
console. The kernel supports things like that, and most users I know 
implemented this. OK, I know, this means compiling a kernel through the 
installation process, but a high-quality distribution like debian should make 
this possible for people who want this. Btw. everyone who knows that it is 
possible, does it on his workstation. (At least my friends around). Why not 
cooking a kernel at install-time :)
* I just installed CorelLinux on some little partition, and it begun with a 
640*400 pixels resolution screen on my 22"-Monitor, flickering with 60Hz. 
Woah, my eyes were bleeding. I'd suggest something like checking the card and 
monitor at the beginning. If we don't know the monitor, we can still use 
default-resolutions, of course. 

Daniel Migowski

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