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Monitor autodetection


even if this can only be done with a special kernel, what's wrong with 
probing the monitor. I am new to the list, so i don't know if the your 
installer will install X at boottime, which I highly recommend. Most users 
from Windos haven't seen the DOS-Prompt before, and having to use the shell 
to edit some configs or reading the manuals is too hard for them.

But if X is installed at boot-time, we canuse the VESA2.0-Extensions, which 
are supported by almost all actual graficcards, and they provide a way to 
check the monitor. I don't know if this can be done somewhere else (before 
the kernel goes to protected mode.)

If this isn't already done, I'd really like to try to patch my kernel, to 
accomplish those task. 

Cheers, and in hope that debian will become the most used linux on the 

Daniel Migowski

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