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Re: Monitor autodetection

> even if this can only be done with a special kernel, what's wrong with 
> probing the monitor. I am new to the list, so i don't know if the your 
> installer will install X at boottime, which I highly recommend. Most users 
> from Windos haven't seen the DOS-Prompt before, and having to use the shell 
> to edit some configs or reading the manuals is too hard for them.

This doesn't need to be, and IMHO doesn't belong, in the kernel.

Assuming you mean DDC for getting monitor frequencies and such, X4
already does this automatically. If not there are apps out there like
read-edid that can do this in user-space. Combined with things like
anXious (or Progeny's dexter) this makes things quite easy.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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