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Re: boot problem

n Fri 03 Nov, Tim Veazey wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just attempted to install debian for the first time (new to the
> linux world too).  The installation seems to go ok.  However, when it
> comes time to reboot, the system freezes after the following boot
> message:
> "Setting the System Clock using the Hardware Clock as a reference..."

> Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks very much for your help.

You don't say what system you are installing on, but this always happen if
you install 2.2r0 on a riscPC (ARM) for example. Hit ctrl-C to get past this
point. Then do 
 update-rc.d hwclock remove
to stop it happening every time (it will also hang on shutdown)

We have done a new util dpkg-platform which can be used in scripts like
hwclock to stop it running on platforms where it is broken. However this
isn't in the main distribution yet until there is agreement about how the
platforms are to managed in this respect. (Contact Chris rutter for details
on how this is prgressing).

Updated util-linux and debianutils packages to fix this problem are included
in our (Aleph One's) ARM 2.2r0 unofficial debian distribution.

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