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Setting up a debian archive

I'm new to debian - if this isn't the correct place to ask this, please
point me to the correct place.  Thanks :)  (I posted a similar question
in debian-user yesterday & got no knowledgeable response.)

I'm installing debian from files in my w95 c:/linux directory onto free
space in hda.  I've got all the starting files there (install.bat
loadlin linux base2_2 drivers root rescue) and the install goes fine.

After the basic system is setup on the HD, the installer boots off the
HD, and continues by asking me if I want to install from ppp.  I have
gone through this several times, and each time it dl's about 5 MB.  I
have saved the dl'd debs.

The next time I do an install, I would like to have it grab the control
info and these 1st base system debs off my HD, not dl them from the
net.  After experimenting with the options available, it seems that the
option I desire is to have the installer get the files from a "debian
archive" that is currently mounted.

The options it presents are:
"Install from ppp? (no)
Choose the method apt should use to access the debian archive: cdrom,
ftp, http, filesystem, edit sources by hand"

How do I set up a "debian archive" on my w95 c: drive (filesystem)?

What doc's tell what a "debian archive" is, and how to set one up?

I suspect it is more than just the appropriate deb files in a properly
structured tree - I'm guessing there needs to be some "overview" files
that the package installer reads to find out what the latest version of
the various deb files are - something like "packages" "release" or
"sources" (those are some of the words I thought I saw as the installer
started dl'ing information.)

(Note: I have found out how to have dselect get debs that are wanted
later on, when I want more packages installed, by putting them in
/var/cache/apt/archives.  So, how do I get the installer to grab all the
info it needs (including the control files) from my HD, without having
to connect to the net?  (Sorta like doing an install from a cd.))

Your help, comments, pointers, are greatly appreciated!  Thank you. :-)

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