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Re: woody, boot-floppies, and debian-installer projected readiness

Randolph Chung wrote:
> When we were working on potato boot-floppies, it was my understanding
> that potato freeze != boot-floppies freeze. Several important additions
> (http-fetch, etc) went in after the freeze. If this is the case for
> woody as well, then we should find out from ajt when he thinks the
> installer portion of woody should be feature-frozen.

I've never been a fan of this though. 

I think the http-fetch and stuff went in when it became clear that the 
freeze wasn't going to finish for a few months, and the boot-floppies 
were almost ready. Since those modified peices didn't affect most of 
the boot-floppies, it was reasonable to modify them. At least that's 
how I remember it. It's much less reasonable to predicate the release 
of woody on an untried installation system being finished, espectually 
when most of the code in it isn't even written yet.

> Some thoughts on general project management and such... I happen to
> think we do have a chance of having a basic installer system going by,
> say, end of Jan 2001. One of the things that we might try to do more
> explicitly with debian-installer is to try to set concrete milestones. I
> think Joey already had a rough outline of this -- having udpkg and a
> menu "driver" first, followed by debconf, etc etc etc. This doesn't need
> to be an immutable "document" or such, but it'll give people an idea of
> what they can help with, and help us track when we think the installer
> will be ready.

My target for the demo system that is able to install of a boot
floppy(s) and the network is still December first. To reach this target,
we still have to write a ton of code in the next two weeks:

* main-menu is 90% done, and will be finished by the end of this week
* udpkg is 97% done
* udebconf ??
* modules to set up network, partition hard disk, download modules, set
  up swap, format the disk, install the base system, and set up lilo are
  not started at all

see shy jo

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