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Re: woody, boot-floppies, and debian-installer projected readiness

> I think this is a laudable goal, but unfortunately I think that means
> we need to retain the boot-floppies for woody.

When we were working on potato boot-floppies, it was my understanding
that potato freeze != boot-floppies freeze. Several important additions
(http-fetch, etc) went in after the freeze. If this is the case for
woody as well, then we should find out from ajt when he thinks the
installer portion of woody should be feature-frozen.

Some thoughts on general project management and such... I happen to
think we do have a chance of having a basic installer system going by,
say, end of Jan 2001. One of the things that we might try to do more
explicitly with debian-installer is to try to set concrete milestones. I
think Joey already had a rough outline of this -- having udpkg and a
menu "driver" first, followed by debconf, etc etc etc. This doesn't need
to be an immutable "document" or such, but it'll give people an idea of
what they can help with, and help us track when we think the installer
will be ready.

my two cents...
Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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