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Re: gzip or bzip2 on boot floppies??

Vaidhyanathan Mayilrangam wrote:
> I wonder if we would be having bzip2 or gzip on the boot floppies.. All the
> network modules compiled takes about 1.3M, but compresssed with bzip2 , needs
> only 435K.. The size of bzip2 + libbz2.so is about 85K.. We can probably do the
> same with the initrd image.. That can save us quite some space..
> I would appreciate your inputs..

This sounds like a good idea. The initrd will probably be gzipped
already though, so we may not need to compress the modules twice.

We can also drop some of the network modules that are for rare hardware.
The set of network modules supported by the "compact" disks in the
potato boot floppies seem like a good starting point for the network
drivers we really need.

see shy jo

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