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Re: none

Esteve Fernàndez <esteve@crosswinds.net> writes:

> Hi Adam. I'm a member of "La Espiral" ("The Spiral", http://www.laespiral.org),
> a group of Debian users who try to spread Debian between spanish community. We
> write lots of doc and there are links between press and us. But i'm from the "La
> Espiral" boot-floppies team and we are planning to improve several areas of
> bootstrap process, such us reiserfs, umsdos support and to write a text frontend to
> gnu parted (great program! partition magic worths nothing compared). Is there
> any other official plan to accomplish this all? I know this couldn't be official,
> since reiserfs isn't (yet) portable and there are problems witch gnu parted on
> sparc. Just want to know if there are other people working on this, if not, well,
> we can be a new subgroup in the Debian boot-floppies team, can't we?

There already is a subgroup within the boot-floppies team, led by Joey
Hess, to replace the current, hacked up, 5-year-old installation
system with new shiny modular installation system based on
micro-packages (udpkg) and debconf "technology".

I am not directly involved in that -- I sugggest you read the design
documention (ask on debian-boot where it is if you don't know) and the
mail list archives for the last 60 days.

I am only involved in Potato maintenance and I can guarantee we won't
be adding radical chnages such as umsdos and reiserfs.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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