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Re: [woody] modules for debian-installer (Re: the next step)

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Yes, we can certianly try to do this eventually. However, take a look at
> all the disgusting stuff basedisks.sh has to do in the boot-floppies to
> create a debian base system. A lot of packages need to be cleaned up
> before we can just dpkg -i `cat base-debs` and have it work. I'd prefer
> to go with something that already works here to save time on the first
> cut.

Yes.  More care should be given to the base set.  We need to file bugs
now, and agressively, against them.

A lot of people blame bf for delaying release but in fact we spent
much of our time waiting for fixes in base or kernels.

Anyhow, all that aside, I think the debian-installer effort should
just grab this script.  If all packages in base used debconf then it's
going to be a lot easier to deal with -- and the basedisk.sh script
can be stripped down a bit.

Although it is an interesting idea if udpkg could handle this.

> > I've also heard that the grub is better.  Do you think (as the leader
> > of woody installer team) the lilo will be still the default kernel 
> > loader for woody ?
> Maybe I shouldn't have written lilo there. I have no preference. Whoever
> writes this module for the first cut can decide. If you'd like it to be
> grub...

I think grub would be better since it's xplatform.  I have heard
rumors that its not ready for prime time yet, though.

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