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Bug#72672: problem installing to hdg w/ ultra66

Dmitry Belenko <agent_smith@nm.ru> writes:

> ADC> I assume youre using the udma66 set of boot-floppies.  Is that so?
> No, i'm entering kernel params, so kernel recognises everything
> perfectly. As I've said, I can mount my hdg (hdg2 to be precise)
> from another console. And it works. So, I thing this is installer bug.

What kernel parameters are you using?

Can you try the udma66 set w/o kernel params?

> ADC> When you see the kernel messages at the start, does the kernel
> ADC> recognize hdg?  You can type dmesg in tty2 to see those messages.
> Yes kernel recognises hdg OK. I'd like to remind you, that /boot and
> swap are on hde3 and hde4 respectively. So, maybe installer thinks
> that if there's something with partition type 83 on nde then it's
> sufficient. Sadly to say, but I've discovered this bug only in debian.
> RH 6.2, SuSE 6.4 and Slackware 7.1 are working OK. :0(

Yeah, well, this sounds like a real bug in boot-floppies (dbootstrap
in particular).

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