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Bug#72672: problem installing to hdg w/ ultra66

> This is my first bugreport, so don"t be mad at me if I done 
> something wrong.

Well, you should have filed the bug against 'boot-floppies' rather
than installer, and also probably put a better title, but we've fixed

> OK. Here"s the situation:
> My machine is dual P-II 400 on Supermicro P6DBE mobo with 
> 256M ram. Both of harddrives connected to Promise ULTRA 66, 
> and to different channels of one. So, they are hde and hdg, 
> respectively. My primary ide is Iomege zip, and secondary 
> are Mitsumi CD-RW (primary) and Sony CD-ROM (sec).
> When I start installing Debian(Potato) installer recognizes 
> only hde! It doesn"t see hdg at all, so I can"t access my 
> main 12G partition on one. However, hdg can be mounted and 
> unmounted from another tty, so it"s clear that it"s not my 
> fault. Can you please give me advice on how to install 
> Debian on my system?

I assume youre using the udma66 set of boot-floppies.  Is that so?

When you see the kernel messages at the start, does the kernel
recognize hdg?  You can type dmesg in tty2 to see those messages.

If not, it's a hardware or kernel problem.

If so, it's a boot-floppies problem.

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