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Fried Potato

Greetings boot team, I'm having some problems installing.

I am trying to install to my primary IDE using:

CDROM Debian 2.2r0  official
Arch: i386
model: home built, intel motherboard
memory 128megs
CRROM: Hitachi, ATAPI 24x
Network Card Dlink DFE-50rtx
PCMCIA: none
Soundcard Soundblaster AWE32
Display card Mattrox G2

I can boot the CD to the install menu, I start the install, and then the

machine hangs at:

*****begin clip****

megaraid: V107 (Dec 22 1999)

*****end clip*****

the cursor is not flashing, and ctrl+del+alt will not reboot the

your assistance is much appreciated.

Akin O Fernandez

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