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Bug#72479: Data Access Exception

> Well, it certainly seems like this is an obscure SPARC hardware
> problem and you seem to have fixed it.
> Do you mind if I close this bug?  We don't really maintain any
> information on all the minutae of how to configure hardware for use
> with Linux -- there are SPARC/Linux HOWTOs and stuff for that...

 I don't mind at all (the bug being closed).  I'd spent two days fighting
 with the problem before filing a bug report.  As usual I only solved
 the problem after filing the bug report.  I do think something should
 go in the installation manual for the SPARC version about suggesting
 that the lowest memory block be contiguous.  

 I've checked version 2.2.17 of the install instructions and there is no
 mention of the problem, which I've confirmed exists on quite a few Suns.
 I'm happy to write a suitable couple of paragraphs (possibly to go
 in section 3.3.4 Bad Memory Modules).  However I'm not sure to whom I
 should send this.


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