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Re: Fried Potato

"Akin O. Fernandez" <irdial@irdialsys.win-uk.net> writes:

> Greetings boot team, I'm having some problems installing.
> I am trying to install to my primary IDE using:
> CDROM Debian 2.2r0  official
> Arch: i386
> model: home built, intel motherboard
> memory 128megs
> CRROM: Hitachi, ATAPI 24x
> Network Card Dlink DFE-50rtx
> PCMCIA: none
> Soundcard Soundblaster AWE32
> Display card Mattrox G2
> I can boot the CD to the install menu, I start the install, and then the
> machine hangs at:
> *****begin clip****
> megaraid: V107 (Dec 22 1999)
> aec671x_detect:
> _
> *****end clip*****

Which install set (vanilla, idepci, compact, udma66) are you using?
You should probably be using idepci.

At what step does the hang happen?  Insert modules?  If so, you might
wanna try removing the sound card.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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