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Re: Problems with installing debian 2.2

Veli-Matti Rautiainen <velraut@st.jyu.fi> writes:

>   10th time I noticed that I hadn't formatted all ext2fs partitions I 
>   had available, so now I formatted them all, about 1,4 GB total. Now 
>   it did write the LILO in MBR, and I installed the system normally.
>   However, there were some ( something like about twenty ) error 
>   messages during install, those were about dependencies in some files. 
>   Those error messages were pretty much too fast to read, and 
>   the system continued to install anyway. I also chose advanced 
>   method of selecting packages, and this time, as I was in hurry to 
>   get the system up, I didn't install much programs. This was the 
>   first time I got the system up at all. However, there was not 
>   much installed, so I was not able to do about anything ( I don't 
>   know much about linux ). Because there were no X Window system
>   so I decided to install it again. 

Oh, that was silly.  You can pull in more packages quite easily.

>   11th time was just like 10th, expect that this time I chose 
>   simple method of installing packages. I installed all GNOME stuff,
>   all language developement, SQL developement, X window system and games.
>   I installed about 2/3 - 3/4 of those packages available. This time
>   it went OK, but when it started to unpack & install the packages
>   ( pretty long session ) it unpacked & installed normally until it 
>   got to wwwaffle ( or something like that ) package, and then the 
>   system was locked, and there was no way to continue. 

This is clearly hardware/kernel issues.  Not much us boot-floppies
folks can do about that.  It's either flakey hardware (loose RAM
chip?) or else should be filed as a bug against kernel-image-2.2.17 I

>   12th time was like 11th, expect that I thought that the locking up
>   was due to the insufficient hd space again ( because I chose so 
>   many modules ), so I left out some. This time it installed fine,
>   expect that there were still some ( about 20 ) error messages about
>   file dependencies. Now I was able to configure X-window system, 
>   it detected all my hardware, etc. I got the system up again, but
>   when I tried to start the X-window system it said that it doesn't
>   support 24 bpp, which I have chosen as a default ( Red Hat 5.1 
>   which I used before does support that with the same hardware ).
>   So, I changed it to 16 bpp, and then the startx script said, that 
>   it doesn't find a mouse, although I configured that during install.              
>   So I checked the /dev/ and there were no /dev/mouse, only /dev/usbmouse,
>   although I haven't got usb at all in my machine ( that's probably due
>   because I configured it wrong ). At this point I can't say much 
>   about the system, because I'm completely new to debian and pretty
>   new to linux in general, so I can't tell which things are correct 
>   and which are not. I was able to play some nethack and compile some
>   simple C++ programs.  


>   During these installations, I've installed my old Red Hat 5.1 
>   many times again, in order to read my e-mail, and get some school
>   related stuff done, and it has not shown any problems. One possibility
>   is that there would be something wrong with my CDROM, so it doesn't 
>   read all the files correctly, but because I get the RH installed 
>   easily, I'm not sure about that. However, as a newbie, I can't tell
>   if this is a bug or not.

Well, this tells me that your problem stems from the new 2.2 linux
kernels -- old RH 5.1 would use 2.0 kernels I think.

>   If you still think I should file a wishlist for this, I can try
>   if you tell me what that actually means. I probably can tell 
>   pretty accurately, what happened in my machine, and try to repeat
>   that error, etc. but not much else.

I dunno.  The thing to do would be to try to track down what hardware
device driver is acting bad and tell the kernel folks about it, if you

When I have problems such as you describe, I start stripping out all
the extra hardware -- uneedded internal modems and sound cards in

Also check your bios settings -- be sure shadow RAM is off.

>   One thing I'd like to know is that is it normal, that the installation
>   program reports of missing dependencies during install ?

No, I don't think so.  It's possible.

>   If not, what 
>   are the possible reasons for that...I think the program should warn
>   me in the case I install package X that requires also package Y. 
>   And because I'm installing from CDROM, the only other options 
>   probably are that there's something wrong with the CD, with my 
>   CDROM or with the image the CD was made from ? 

That's possible too.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

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