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Re: [debian-installer] Build setup?

>>>>> "Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

    Joey> Martin Keegan wrote:
    >> I found the toplevel Makefile pretty annoying last time I was building
    >> boot-floppies; it called itself recursively with a separate make
    >> process, which tended to make make -n and make -j unusable.
    >> Is Joey Hess' new installer system doing to do away with the current
    >> source tree in its entirety?

    Joey> That's really up to the folks who maintain the modules. It should be
    Joey> possible for someone to maintain a module themselves if they want, in
    Joey> which case the "build system" will be a simple debian/rules plus perhaps
    Joey> a makefile -- not unlike any other package.

 Please read "Recursive Make Considered Harmful"

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