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Re: [debian-installer] Build setup?

In riva.lists.debian.boot, you wrote:

> How should we design the `debian-installer' build system?
> I think that it ought to be very granular, with a complex dependancy
> structure, so that changing one thing doesn't involve a long rebuild
> cycle before a testable image is generated.  Makeing it work with the
> `-j' switch would be a Good Thing, and should also be a goal.
> Perhaps a non-recursive project Makefile(s) structure should be
> cooked up as well.  (Have yous read "Recursive Make Considered
> Harmful"?)

I found the toplevel Makefile pretty annoying last time I was building
boot-floppies; it called itself recursively with a separate make
process, which tended to make make -n and make -j unusable.

Is Joey Hess' new installer system doing to do away with the current
source tree in its entirety?


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