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Re: zen and debconf

Ben Collins wrote:
> > If we are going to do anything fancy in our UI we could allow packages
> > to use there own html code to present there questions rather than
> > building a web page for them, this would add a large degree of
> > flexibility which i think is needed.
> The whole idea of debconf is to disconnect packages from the configuration
> frontend details. If we start asking them to produce HTML, we might as
> well ditch debconf and let them handle everything internally.

We shouldnt force them to use html, we could do the same thing the
current debconf does when it target a web browser (i have to confess i
havent tried it though)

If we dont come up with some way of having more control of the layout we
will have to accept that we are limited in how usefull our ui will be.

Im more thinking that we (the installer team) will need this flexibility
rather than packagers, doing special things like partitioning will be
difficult with the default debconf layout, not everything needs html,
but it could make debconf more useful without writting customised
graphics routines.

I would have thought that html wouldnt be that much harder for package
maintainers to get there heads around than the unique interface that
debconf currently uses. Thats not to say the current debconf is
difficult, its just something that has to be learnt as aposed to html
that a lot of people already have a grasp of.


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