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Re: Failing to be of help with boot floppies

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> of what was happening and why it was unnecessary, and got replies like:
> "It doesn't do that any more."
> When you select these steps, the first screen presented is the "media
> selection" screen. Here I choose "cdrom". For step 2 the next screen asks
> me to insert the CD into the drive, which is perfectly adequate. In both
> steps, the next screen is titled "Choose Debian Artchive Path" and askes a
> useless and confusing question with the default value /instmnt
> provided.

I think the answer you got was actually that it doesn't show the "useless
and confusing" value /instmnt anymore. In the _unreleased_ boot-floppies

> I don't dare express my feelings about anXious and its
> inclusion at the last minute without any real functionality that can be
> relied upon, given the reaction to my other complaints.

As one of the people who made that decision, I'd be happy to hear it.

Note that you seem to be using "last minute" for values like "10 months
before release".

> From where I sit, it doesn't seem that there is any reasonable logic being
> applied to this design, and every release a new team comes in to put their
> own muddy finger prints on the current flawed design. At this rate we are
> loosing ground and I see no hope of fixing anything.

I hope you're aware that we are in the process of designing a replacement
for the Debian installer. Feedback welcomed.

see shy jo

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