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Re: Boot Virus

This is your bios thinking that lilo is a boot virus.  Your bios is
wrong.  Disable this option in the bios and you will never see that
warning again.


On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Christopher Dryburgh wrote:

> Hello Everyone:
> I am still new to Linux and have made good use of the available packages.
> Linux is installed on a machine that use to run a buggy Windows NT. The hard
> drive was formatted and Linux was installed. Upon first boot of Linux a
> warning appeared about a boot virus. Probably the reason that NT was so
> buggy. I have been getting around the virus by using a boot disk but I would
> like to know how to get rid of this thing. I have become too familiar with
> the single user shell at boot and the use of fsck. Presently there is not
> much data on the Linux machine and it can easily be backed up should the
> system need to be formatted and Linux reinstalled.
> Chris
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