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RE: Boot Virus

Thankyou Macan. I will look into it. Just some extra information. I only run
into the single user shell and need to use fsck when booting from the hard
drive. Booting using the floppy does not cause this to happen. There is
something about booting from the hard drive that corrupts the file system.
Other wise I would not need to use fsck when booting from hard drive. Just
turning off the switch that monitors for boot viruses would not solve the
problem if there is a virus.

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Some motherboards have an "Check for boot viruses" switch that monitor
if the boot sector has changed. It looks like you have this (rather
annoying, I might say) feature enabled in the bios.

Take a look at the bios, and if this is the case, disable it.


On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 11:22:32AM -0400, Christopher Dryburgh wrote:
> Hello Everyone:
> I am still new to Linux and have made good use of the available packages.
> Linux is installed on a machine that use to run a buggy Windows NT. The
> drive was formatted and Linux was installed. Upon first boot of Linux a
> warning appeared about a boot virus. Probably the reason that NT was so
> buggy. I have been getting around the virus by using a boot disk but I
> like to know how to get rid of this thing. I have become too familiar with
> the single user shell at boot and the use of fsck. Presently there is not
> much data on the Linux machine and it can easily be backed up should the
> system need to be formatted and Linux reinstalled.
> Chris
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