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Re: redesigning the debian installer

On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 08:56:35PM -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> Whee, I just made it through the entire thread!! :-) Some comments:

Hard, isn't it?

> 3) custom-built images (through a CGI or something)
> Very interesting idea, but I think this should be a longer-term goal. As
> Brooks puts it so eloquently, beware of the "Second System Effect"!

"Second System Effect"? Can you explain that with source? Thanks

> Let's try to get a complete but *simple* system going first.


> 4) C-based debconf
> Anyone (other than Glenn and myself) interested in working on this? I had 
> planned on tackling this after i finish udpkg, but my time will be somewhat
> limited in the next few weeks. I don't *think* it should be too difficult to
> do this....

Given the modular design of debconf it should be very doable. Question: 
Can't we make the C debconf replace the perl debconf completely? I think
it's not a good idea to have both perl and C of the same program. Sure, it
is harder to write C code but it's well worth it if a lot of Debian
depends on it.

> A month or so ago I had posted a proposal to design a detachable database
> system for debconf that is modularized (can use a text or binary, local or 
> remote) database. i think we can work this in with the automatable installs:
> a text-based debconf database is easily editable by a system administrator.
> otoh, a network based (ldap or whatnot) system will also allow automated
> installs over a lan/wan. Of course, size/complexity is a concern as well.

Where can I find that proposal? I seem to have missed it :(



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